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Dr K Soap Company


I'm Rob (Dr K) and I'm passionate about producing high quality handmade skin and bodycare products using pure, natural ingredients.

I started Dr K Soap Company in 2011 after funding ran out for my position as a researcher in a university in Cork, Ireland. The process of soapmaking had always appealed to the biochemist and scientist in me and so it was almost a natural transition. I also really liked the idea of experimentation in my own lab - it was and still is an exciting and fun journey to come up with the Dr K range of products. From the beginning, I decided against the “norm” of chemical-laden artificial cosmetics that are available on our supermarket shelves – if I was going to make soap, I would make good soap. The use of only the finest natural ingredients has resulted in the ultimate good-for-you products – ones that I love to use and am proud to put my name on.

Over time our product range has grown, as has our premises and staff. We are currently stocked in over 1000 stores across Europe, with more being added each day :) Dr K’s Handmade Soap and Cosmetics are produced in our laboratory in County Cork, Ireland according to EU cosmetic regulations. All products are SLS free, paraben free, petroleum free and never tested on animals. We are committed to ethical sourcing of the best natural ingredients for the production of our all natural body and skin care products.

Try some of Dr K’s natural products today – you may be pleasantly surprised that something so good for you can be so decadent!

Dr K

Handmade in Ireland


To produce the finest natural body care and skin care products using ethically and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Dedicated to using only the finest natural and pure ingredients, Dr K ensures that the products you use are not only good for you, but of the highest quality.

Some of the natural ingredients in Dr K’s Products include:
– Vegetable Oils
– Botanicals
– Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


Whether for cleansing, shaving, beard care, scrubbing, moisturising, protection or plain indulgence, Dr K’s products are meticulously researched and designed with function in mind.

Dr K’s products are produced according to EU Regulation EC No 1223/2009, which is a set of guidelines and rules administered by the European Council for Cosmetic Products. All products are in-house tested as well as safety assessed and approved by chartered chemists for use on the human body. Products are not tested on animals and never will be. In addition, Dr K Soap Company is registered with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (formerly Irish Medicines Board) and has certificates of free sale for cosmetics in the EU and abroad. Production is carried out according to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). Your safety comes first and we have cut no corners in ensuring that our products are of the finest quality as well as being safe for use.